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SSAT and ISEE Prep Course

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The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) and ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) are standardised tests administered to students who want to attend privately run middle and high schools in the USA. Both tests contain verbal, math, reading and writing sections that are very similar to the equivalent sections in the SAT and ACT tests, and both tests can be taken at different levels, based on the age and grade of the student.

Our SSAT or ISEE comprehensive preparation course covers all areas of knowledge that are tested in the exams:

  • Reading comprehension and vocabulary
  • Math appropriate to the level that the student needs for the necessary test
  • How to compose an appropriate essay

Course Schedule and Pricing: Individual/Private Course

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Course materials: All study materials are included in the course price:

  • Textbook: The Princeton Review’s "Cracking the SSAT and ISEE".
  • Exam practice papers, study guides, and extensive techniques from our years of experience with the SSAT and ISEE.
  • Personalized extra materials from our database of SSAT and ISEE resources focusing on the specific needs of the student(s).

About the SSAT and ISEE Exam

What is the SSAT/ISEE test comprised of and how long is it?

This is different for each test and depending on the level.

  • All tests include a verbal, reading comprehension, math and essay section. Some have one extra math section.
  • The test takes approximately 110-160 minutes depending on the test and level.
  • Total number of questions:varies
  • Maximum score: percentile ranking

Where are the test centers in the Czech Republic?

For how long is the SSAT and ISEE score valid?

  • 5 years.

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Course descriptions

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Course highlights

  • focused, results oriented
  • intensive - at least 2 x per week
  • time frame: max 20 weeks
  • individual/private or group courses
  • class size: 1 to 4 students
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Online courses via Skype