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Course registration or questions:
please email us at: (CZ/EN)
E-mail (CZ/EN) (CZ/EN)
+420602538291 (CZ/EN)
Invoices and Contracts (CZ/EN)
+420608960930 (CZ/EN)
If you have experienced any problems with our service, please let us know immediately on our dedicated twitter feed @GainAccess_CS and we will respond within 5 hours.
Web site
Gain Access, Národní 28, Praha 1, 111 21
Invoice Address
Gain Access s.r.o., Hradecká 16, Praha 3, 130 00
Course locations
Our business is located in Prague, Czech Republic. Classes are held at students' place of business or in classrooms located in Prague 1 and Prague 7.


Secondary info - contact

Have questions? Please contact us.

We offer personal consultation. We will be happy to recommend a course, review the syllabus of the course, provide a teacher's profile, discuss the intensity, times and dates of your selected course.


We will gladly provide references upon request.

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