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General FAQ about our courses and services  »

What courses do you offer?

Gain Access offers 4 types of results oriented courses:

  1. Preparation course for the international MBA admission test GMAT and test GRE.
  2. Preparation courses for admission tests to colleges and universities: SAT, SAT Subject tests, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS.
  3. College Admission Counseling.
  4. Math courses.

Which course should I choose?

It is necessary to find out, what test does the University you apply for require. We can also help you to choose, please, contact us and arrange a free personal consultation.

Why take the assessment test?

We ask you to take the Assessment test before you register for a course.

Reviewing your test results will help us understand your level of knowledge. This will help us customize the course for you.

Are the courses individual or in groups?

It depends on your choice. An individual course is certainly more expensive, but the teacher has the opportunity to tailor the content of the course exactly to your needs. On the other hand - there are never more than 4 students in a group, therefor the effectiveness of the teaching is still very high.

What is the course schedule?

  • Our courses are divided into 90 minute lessons and meet at least 2 times per week.
  • Class size ranges from private/individual lessons to group courses (1-4).
  • Individual courses are offered at various lengths and intensity level options, depending on your needs. To achieve best results, we provide intensity of at least 2 lessons per week at 90 minutes each. Higher intesity is also possible.
  • Group courses have a set schedule.

The courses are highly focused - they prepare the student to pass the exam. The content of the course is designed and structured to meet this goal and proactive cooperation is expected from the student. Please see the detailed description, schedule, and syllabus for your desired course.

How much does the course cost?

The cost level per course depends on the class size (1-4 students) and the length of the course. Course fee includes a package of the following services: lessons, assessment testing, personal consultation, optional demo lesson, and all study materials.

Please see course schedules and description for specific course fees.

Where and when does the course take place?

All our courses take place in Prague, Czech Republic. When and where is your choice. The price of the course includes the teacher coming to your place of business (in the vicinity of Prague). If you have no appropriate place equipped for teaching, the course will be held in our classrooms located in Prague 1 and Prague 7.

We also provide online courses via Skype.

We try to suit the time, date and intensity of the course to the student´s needs. Our only condition is that the course doesn't last longer than 20 weeks, and that the intensity is not less than 2 x 90 minutes a week (see above). The arranged times and dates are fixed for the entire period of the course.

Who will teach my class?

Our teaching staff consists of highly qualified and experienced lecturers, all of them are native English speakers. Depending on the course you wish to attend, we will recommend a teacher that is best qualified to prepare you to pass the exam successfully. An optional demonstration lesson with the teacher is included in the course package price. Please see our teachers' profiles for more details.

Do I need to buy any study materials?

No, all the materials are included in the course package, and in the price of the course. Please see the description of your selected course for the list of study materials.

What does the course package include?

  • Assessment of the student's level.
  • Lessons with an experienced and qualified teacher.
  • Study materials (textbook, CD-ROM, on-line materials, materials for 20 teaching hours of self study).
  • Personal consultation.
  • Demonstration lesson.
  • Folder.
  • Sample tests.

What are our students' results?

Many prospective clients inquire as to our students’ SAT scores. Our students’ results range anywhere from 1400-2370. English and math levels are an important factor in the scores, but it is also dependent on what each student needs to learn. Our overall average score is around 1800, which has been high enough to get many students into their universities of choice.

Our classes are tailored to fit the needs and abilities of students of both individual and group courses. If you are interested in applying for an Ivy League school, your classes will be more intensive, faster paced and include more homework than those of students who are not aiming quite so high.

How do I get started?

Please see our step-by-step guide.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

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