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SAT exam FAQ

This FAQ includes information about what the SAT test covers, where to take the test in the Czech Republic, how to register, the scoring method, uses of this test, etc. Please see details about our SAT Preparation Course.

Important information about changes to the SAT 2023

The SAT will only be offered on computer in The Czech Republic, starting in 2023. Students will still have to go to a test center on a specific date, but they will take the test on their own laptop or device. The content of the test will not change, but the structure will. We will be updating here as we know more. All of our students will receive up-to-date information on the digital SAT as it becomes available.

What is the SAT test?

The SAT is an American based test used for college admissions. It is written by College Board and distributed by The Educational Testing Service (ETS). Both are non-profit companies that make the TOEFL as well. 

What is tested on the SAT?

The test has three sections: Math, reading and writing. The math section covers basic algebra, geometry, trigonometry and arithmetic. The reading section tests reading comprehension. The writing section tests English grammar, punctuation, and writing skills.

How is the SAT scored?

You will receive a score from 200 to 800 in each of the verbal section and math section. The highest score is 1600 and 1050 is the average score.

How important is the SAT?

Due to Covid-19, there have been changes in how universities use SAT scores. Most schools in the US have made the SAT optional. This can vary a lot among different universities, so do your research. For example, the UC system in California won’t even accept SAT scores anymore, but many east coast schools are requiring them again in 2023. Regardless of whether the SAT is required, it is still another way for universities to evaluate a student. If you receive a good score, it will help your application and increase your chances of being accepted.

When and where can I take the SAT?

The SAT is offered internationally five times a year in March, May, August, October, and December. The registration deadline is usually 4 weeks before each test. In The Czech Republic, the SAT is given at The International School of Prague, Nebušická 700, Praha 6. Please note that this may change with the new digital format.
You can find more information about test dates and deadlines here.

Why should I take an SAT preparation course?

Even in America, most students take a course to prepare for the SAT. It isn’t like a normal school test that you can just study for. Although we cover all the content that will be on the test, we also focus on test taking techniques that will help improve your scores.