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SAT exam FAQ

This FAQ includes information about what the SAT test covers, where to take the test in the Czech Republic, how to register, the scoring method, uses of this test, etc. Please see details about our SAT Preparation Course.

What is the SAT test?

The SAT is an American based test used for college admissions. It is written by College Board and distributed by The Educational Testing Service (ETS). Both are non-profit companies that make the TOEFL and SAT subject tests as well. The test itself is 3 hours and 50 minutes long and contains 155 questions.

What is tested on the SAT?

The test has three sections: Math, reading and English. The math section covers basic algebra, geometry, trigonometry and arithmetic. The reading section tests reading comprehension. The English section tests English grammar and writing skills. There is also an optional essay at the end of the test that most universities will require you to write.

How is the SAT scored?

You will receive a score from 200 to 800 in the verbal section and the math section. The highest score is 1600 and 1000 is the average score. The essay is scored separately from the main score.

How important is the SAT?

Almost all universities in America, some in Canada and many in Korea require the SAT for admissions. If you are applying to an American university, about 40-45% of the decision to accept you will be based on your SAT scores. This can vary a lot with different universities.

When and where can I take the SAT?

The SAT is offered internationally four times a year in March, May, October, and December. The registration deadline is usually 4 weeks before each test. In The Czech Republic, the SAT is given at The International School of Prague, Nebušická 700, Praha 6. You can find more information about test dates and deadlines here.

Why should I take an SAT preparation course?

Even in America, most students take a course to prepare for the SAT. It isn’t like a normal school test that you can just study for. Although we cover all the content that will be on the test, we also focus on test taking techniques that will help improve your scores.

What is Subject test?

If you are planning to attend University in the US, you will probably be required to do more than just the SAT. The company that makes the SAT also makes the SAT Subject Tests.

SAT subject tests are on specific subjects that you've learned about in school such as, sciences, math, history, languages and literature. They are 60 minutes long and use the same scoring scale as the SAT with 800 as a perfect score. These tests are actually generally easier than the normal SAT. They are shorter and easier to study for because you know what the content will be.

Do your research before you sign up! Some universities require as many as three subject tests and others don't require them at all. Some universities require the Math 2 test for all applicants. These tests are based on American high school curriculum, so definitely take practice tests and get a prep book before you take the tests.

Which subject tests should you take? Take the tests that you are the strongest in and can get you the highest score. It doesn't have to be related to what you want to study at university. If you're great at chemistry, take the chemistry subject test even if you plan on studying economics at university.

The subject tests are given on the same day and the same locations as the SAT, but you can't take the SAT and subject tests on the same day, so plan ahead!

For more information go to the College Board website.