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Testimonials from some of our students. Additional references available on request.

Intensive SAT Prep Course/Skype lessons

Due to the short amount of time I had to prepare for the SAT, I had to take intensive lessons for around a week. Most of my lessons were on Skype, except for the math lessons due to the fact that it was easier in a real classroom. During those lessons my teacher helped me understand the types of questions I was going to face during the SAT test. There is an explanation in the books about how to "crack" these questions but the teacher provided a more thorough and clearer explanation.

In addition to providing clearer explanation, the teacher has made her own questions, simple SAT questions, but which provides the structure of the questions on which she builds on to provide valuable information about the question to later provide an explanation. This made it easier for me to understand the logic behind the SAT.

During the classes the teacher first tested my knowledge, and later on worked with me and taught me what I was missing in order to succeed in my real SAT exam. I later on had to practice questions I had difficulties on, until in the end of my lessons I took a practice exam.

The teacher examined my knowledge for the SAT and worked on what was required in order for me to pass the SAT exam. She gave me exercises which I needed to practice on, and an explanation for each I had trouble with. Due to the intensive courses I took and the small amount of time I had to practice the teacher also gave me some basis knowledge of Latin root, which often helped understand complicated words. In the end I took a practice exam which already passed the required score I needed to pass.

~ Rudolph Johannes Heidecker, France